Launching August 1st, 2020!
Textbook Barter
Textbook Graphic

Changing the Textbook Industry For Good

We connect students to buy and sell textbooks with each other, which keeps more money in everyone's pockets

Spend Less

Buying from another student instead of a company means you pay less for your textbooks.

Earn More

Selling books to your fellow students means you get fair prices for them, instead of pennies from resellers.

Everybody Wins

By cutting out the middleman, buyers and sellers both get fair prices for their textbooks. We’re changing the textbook industry for good!


Textbook Barter saved me $600 last semester, and it'll be even more next year! I used to give away my old textbooks, but now I can get the books I'll need, too!

Kim • Sophomore, SUNY Plattsburgh

Start saving money and helping others do the same today